Speech Therapists

Speech Language Pathologists (or Speech Therapists) treat and diagnose children with speech, language, social-communication, oral motor, and feeding/swallowing delays or disorders.  Here at Feeding Friends, we work with children ages zero to 18.  Our speech therapists all have a Master’s degree in communication disorders, have passed state boards, and hold an Indiana professional license.

When your child might need to be referred for speech therapy

Angie Adams, MA, CCC-SLP

Angie has experience working with children with a variety of speech and language issues including: delayed language development, suspected apraxia of speech, articulation and phonological difficulties, Down Syndrome, and autism spectrum disorder. She believes families are an integral component to intervention and strives to make each session interesting and educational for the child as well as parents. Angie is the mom of four kids, including one who received First Steps services. She serves in Hamilton County.

Kerry Amshoff, MA, CCC-SLP

Kerry Amshoff received her Undergraduate degree from Ball State University in 2010 and her Master’s degree from Ball State University in 2012. Since graduating, Kerry’s career has led her to work in a variety of pediatric settings, including hospital acute care, outpatient facilities, and early intervention. She has worked with a variety of communication disorders, including autism, apraxia, speech/language disorder, and trach tube/speaking valves. Kerry’s experience with feeding disorders ranges from infant to school age children, including difficulties with oral motor skills, transitioning to table foods, taste- and texture-related aversions, and infant feeding. Kerry feels that working with both the child and family during therapy are essential to a child’s progress and development. Kerry is Beckman Oral Motor Certified and a member of the American Speech and Hearing Association.

Amy Berry, MA, CCC-SLP

amy_berryAmy Berry received her undergraduate degree from Ohio University in 2000 and her Master’s Degree from the University of Cincinnati in 2002.  While living in Cincinnati, Amy worked in the school setting providing speech and language therapy to students in preschool through eighth grade with a variety of speech and language delays and disorders including phonological disorders, articulation disorders, childhood apraxia of speech, fluency disorders, expressive and receptive language delays/disorders, learning disabilities, and autism.  Amy relocated to the Indianapolis area and began working at Feeding Friends in June 2013.  Since joining the Feeding Friends team, Amy has begun to provide early intervention speech and language services in Hamilton County and continues to work with preschool through school aged clients at the clinic.  She enjoys getting families involved in their children’s therapy and providing fun and functional play-based therapy.  Amy is a member of the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA) and holds her Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC).

Mary Gorgol, MA,CCC-SLP

gorgol-smallMary Gorgol has over 22 years experience working with First Steps families and loves her job.  Mary’s specific areas of expertise are with Cleft Lip/Palate, oral-motor and feeding, language and speech delays, apraxia, autism spectrum disorders and prematurity. Mary believes in a play-based approach, having fun while learning and working with the whole family to achieve the best results. Mary serves both in Hamilton County & in the Northeast quarter of Marion County.

Jacki McNulty, MA, CCC-SLP

mcnulty-smallJacki McNulty received her undergraduate degree from Marquette University in 2004 and her master’s degree from Indiana University in 2006. Jacki worked at an outpatient clinic in Greenwood for 2 years. At this clinic, she assessed and treated children and adults with a large variety of disorders and disabilities. After moving to the north side of Indianapolis, Jacki decided to start her own small business, where she independently provided speech and language services for three years. Then in the fall of 2010, First Steps changed their policies and required all providers be a part of an agency. This led Jacki to join the Feeding Friends team.

Jacki enjoys working with children at all communication levels. She has experience working with children who have Childhood Apraxia, articulation difficulties, and language difficulties. She enjoys working with children who have been diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Autism, Dysarthria, Childhood Apraxia and oral-motor and feeding difficulties. Jacki believes in educating the families of the children that she serve to help maximize their progress. She feels it is important to involve parents and other family members into the sessions for optimal success in the child’s communication skills. Jacki is a Certified Beckman Oral-Motor Therapist and am a member of the American Speech and Language Association.

Chrissy Miller MS, CCC-SLP

Chrissy received her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Speech Language Pathology from Purdue University in 2002 and 2004 respectively. She has always had an interest in feeding and swallowing disorders and has worked in acute care settings diagnosing and providing treatment for feeding and swallowing difficulties in a wide range of patient populations. Chrissy has a strong background in feeding disorders in preterm and young infants. She has a passion for providing detailed feeding assessments that assist infants in becoming safe and efficient eaters and enjoys empowering parents to help their children have a love for eating. As a mother of a child who had feeding difficulties, Chrissy is familiar with the stress and struggles that occur during mealtimes. Chrissy’s specific areas of expertise include working with individuals with oral motor/feeding difficulties, cleft lip/palate, tracheostomy/ventilator dependence, prematurity and those with language and speech delays. She is a certified Beckman Oral-Motor Therapist and a member of the American Speech and Language Association.