Our Story

Feeding Friends was founded in 2007 by Speech Language Pathologist Shellie Mauch and Occupational Therapist Colleen Wasemann. Shellie and Colleen each worked as independent providers for First Steps. Their paths often crossed professionally when they found themselves assigned to work with the same clients to address a wide array of feeding issues.

After collaborating together for many years, both therapists began to notice that there was an essential piece missing during their individual therapy sessions… the social experience! Without the benefit of peer modeling, children with feeding difficulties were not meeting their full potential.  This led Shellie and Colleen to create Feeding Friends, Inc.

Since 2007, Feeding Friends has assisted families in creating positive mealtime experiences and helping their children to eat a variety of foods. Families are also supported throughout their journey, receiving guidance and hope from other families involved.

Then in the fall of 2010, statewide changes to Indiana’s Early Intervention program prompted Feeding Friends to expand their operations and become a full service First Steps Agency.  Feeding Friends, Inc. evolved into Feeding Friends Children’s Feeding Clinic and Therapy Services, Inc. to reflect the growth of the company.

Today Feeding Friends is now a multi-disciplinary agency that addresses the needs of children of all ages.