Mealtime Buddies

An intensive group intervention while maintaining individual attention for the child:

  • Group size of 2 to 4 children. Smaller group size is offered for children who become over-stimulated in a busier environment. The smaller group also allows for more individual attention from therapists.
  • Food and Sensory Play to help facilitate acceptance of foods. This time allows for sensory movement, art activities, and texture play that are food based. These activities facilitate the introduction of textures, temperatures, tastes, smells, and tolerance of foods. Strategies will be demonstrated to the children to empower them to self-regulate during mealtime.
  • Themed circle time. The focus of circle time will include food exposure, building mealtime vocabulary, positive peer interaction, as well as oral preparation, oral motor exercises, and oral strengthening exercises.
  • Food Preparation and Mealtime within a cooperative, family-style experience. Children will be engrossed in the mealtime from beginning to end and encouraged to participate in food preparation, setting the table, serving themselves, and cleaning up following the meal. Children will also be encouraged to develop independent feeding skills.