Evaluations are conducted at the Feeding Friends clinic by either a speech-language pathologist or an occupational therapist. Prior to the evaluation, your family will receive an introductory packet which includes an in-depth questionnaire for parents to complete as well as supplies needed for the evaluation. Each evaluation takes approximately 60-90 minutes.  Once the evaluation is completed, a home program is provided to your family that includes both long term and short term goals to address your child’s and family’s needs.  Families are welcome to come and observe a group therapy session with advanced notification

If your home is outside of the greater Indianapolis area, families can choose to send a videotape of a mealtime routine. The mealtime routine will be discussed with a therapist prior to recording to optimize evaluation results. Since children typically perform better in their natural environment, this is the preferred method of evaluation for families that live a greater distance outside of Indianapolis.

If interested in receiving an evaluation, please email feedingfriends@hotmail.com with contact information and a brief description of your child.