Feeding Friends Children's Feeding Clinic and Therapy Services, Inc.

Occupational Therapists

Abby Ferrettie, OT

Abby Ferrettie has 9 years of experience working as a pediatric occupational therapist. She enjoys working with children and watching them improve and succeed. Abby believes that the family is an integral part of the therapy process and success of a child. Her experiences includes working with children with Down Syndrome, Autism, CP, and Developmental Delay. Abby's areas of expertise include oral-motor/oral-sensory and feeding delays, self-help skills, fine motor skills, and sensory processing dysfunction. She is Beckman certified and works closely to collaborate with the Feeding Friends team. Abby has attended the Lori Overland course, “Feeding Therapy: A Sensory-Motor Approach”. As a mother of 3, Abby decided to further expand her knowledge in the area of feeding after assisting her own infant daughter to work through her feeding challenges. Abby hopes to help you have a positive growth and development experience with your child. Abby serves in Hamilton County.

Wendy Jennings, OT

Wendy Jennings, Occupational Therapist, has been working in pediatrics for nineteen years.  She has worked in a variety of settings including outpatient rehabilitation, NICU, school system and First Steps.  Wendy’s areas of specialty include children with sensory integration dysfunction, oral sensory, oral motor and/or feeding challenges, fine motor delays and self-help delays.  She is additionally certified in the Therapeutic Listening Program used with children with sensory modulation/ regulation issues.  Wendy is a proud mother of a son who experienced feeding and GI issues.  Wendy believes that the family plays the most important role in therapy and her role is to empower the family with the tools to assist their child to grow and develop to his/her fullest potential.  Wendy serves in Hamilton County.

Elaine Lewis, OT

Elaine Lewis enjoys interacting with children and their families. She has a special interest in Sensory Integration Dysfunction and sensory feeding/oral motor disorders. Elaine enjoys working with all children, such as those with Autism, CP, Down Syndrome, high/low muscle tone, PVL, mitochondrial diseases, William's Syndrome, and developmental delays associated with prematurity or other diagnoses/illnesses/injuries. She works with children who have a trach or are vent dependent as well as those that may have challenging behaviors. Elaine is flexible to best meet the needs of each family & believes in a family centered approach that allows parents to incorporate therapy into their daily routine. Elaine regularly attends continuing education courses to further my skills. She is available for interview in helping you select the right provider for your child.

Elaine serves in Marion Northeast and currently works Mondays thru Thurdays so that she can spend Fridays with her son.

Ashley Shidler, OT

Ashley Shidler found her calling in life helping children develop and gain independence. Growing up both as a sibling to a special needs brother and as a "first steps mom" and parent, Ashley values the importance of making therapy fun and as a part of a family's daily routine. Her experience and training has focused upon sensory integration, fine motor intervention, handwriting, and oral motor and feeding issues. Ashley is Beckman certified for oral motor issues. She has worked with individuals across all ages and feels comfortable treating those with diagnosis including CP, developmental delay, ASD, feeding difficulties, prematurity, torticollis, trach/vent dependent, and other genetic disorders. Ashley serves both in Hamilton County & in the Northeast quarter of Marion County.

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